How do nitrogen wine dispensers work?

Nitrogen wine dispensers are devices designed to preserve bottled wine, maintaining its freshness and quality after opening. These devices use nitrogen, an inert gas, to protect wine from oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when wine comes into contact with air and can affect the flavor and aroma of the wine.

Here's how nitrogen wine dispensers work:

  1. Opening the Bottle: When you open a bottle of wine, the remaining wine is exposed to the air. This contact with oxygen begins the oxidation process. Nitrogen wine dispensers are designed to minimize this contact.

  2. Inserting the nitrogen tube: Once the bottle is opened, the delivery tube is inserted into the neck of the bottle. This hose is connected to a nitrogen tank. Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with wine, therefore it protects the wine from oxidation.

  3. Dispensing: When you want to serve wine, nitrogen gas is released into the neck of the bottle. This creates a slight positive pressure inside the bottle, which pushes the wine out through the dispensing tube. Because nitrogen prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the wine, the wine stays fresh and does not oxidize.

  4. Closing the bottle: After serving the wine, the dispensing tube is removed and the bottle can be closed with an airtight stopper. The nitrogen gas remains in the bottle, continuing to protect the wine.

This process allows the opened wine to be stored for a longer period than the traditional opening of a bottle of wine, where the wine is exposed to air and oxidizes more quickly. Nitrogen wine dispensers are particularly useful for restaurants and wine bars that want to serve wine by the glass without having to worry about how quickly the wine degrades once the bottle is opened.

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