How to send instant video messages with whatsapp and use them for wine marketing

Let's distinguish, first, how to send instant video messages with Whatsapp:
  1. Open WhatsApp : Launch the WhatsApp application on your device.

  2. Select a Contact or Group : Choose the contact or group you want to send the video message to.

  3. Open Conversation : Tap on the text box at the bottom of the screen to open the conversation.

  4. Click and release the voicemail icon : It will change the microphone icon to the video icon
  5. Click the video icon : you have 3 seconds countdown, then you will start recording video instant message, release and the video will be sent.

How can we take advantage of whatsapp instant video messages for wine marketing?

WhatsApp instant video messages are a great way to communicate in a more engaging and visual way with your contacts. Here are some ways to make the most of this feature in the world of wine

  1. Personal Communications : You can use video messages to send personalized greetings, birthday wishes, thanks and updates. Videos add a touch of emotion and authenticity to your communication.

  2. Sharing Experiences : When you have interesting experiences to share, such as travel, events or special moments, you can send short videos to let your contacts experience those experiences as if they were right there with you.

  3. Demonstrations and Tutorials : If you want to explain something visually, video instant messages can be very useful. You can create demos, tutorials or quick instructions to help your contacts better understand what you are trying to communicate.

  4. Create Short Stories : Create short video messages that tell a story or express a point of view. This can be a creative way to get your friends or followers involved and show off your creative side.

  5. Thanks and Appreciation : When you want to show gratitude or appreciation to someone, a video message can make your message more touching and meaningful.

  6. Promotion and Personal Marketing : If you have a business or are a professional looking to promote yourself, you can use video instant messages to share previews of new products, important announcements or updates about your business.

  7. Respond Visually : When you need to answer complex questions or comments, you could opt for a video message to explain in a clearer and more detailed way.

  8. Entertainment : Send funny videos, memes or humor clips to your friends to share a laugh together.

  9. Engage Your Audience : If you manage a channel or group, you can engage your audience through interactive video messages, asking questions, issuing challenges or starting visual discussions.

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