How is non-alcoholic wine made?

Non-alcoholic wine can be produced in several ways, but the two main methods are:

  1. Removing the Alcohol: This method involves removing the alcohol from the wine, leaving the flavor and aromas in the wine. There are several techniques to remove alcohol from wine, such as evaporation, membrane filtration, low temperature distillation and reverse osmotic membrane technology. However, these techniques can affect the quality and flavor of the wine.

  2. Interrupted Fermentation: This method involves stopping the fermentation of the wort before the alcohol content reaches the desired level. There are several ways to stop fermentation, such as chilling the wort or adding chemicals that kill yeast. However, this method can affect the flavor and quality of the wine.

In both cases, the non-alcoholic wine will have an alcohol content of less than 0.5% vol.

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