How do you uncork a bottle of wine?

Here are the steps to follow to correctly uncork a bottle of wine:

  1. Remove the capsule: Using a foil cutter, remove the aluminum or plastic film covering the cap. Place the foil cutter over the capsule and rotate the bottle to cut the foil around the neck of the bottle.

  2. Prepare to remove the cap: check if the bottle has an undercap, i.e. another cork or plastic cap under the cap. If present, remove it with your fingers or a small knife before proceeding.

  3. Remove the cork: place the corkscrew in the center of the cork and gently push it all the way down. Then tilt the corkscrew slightly outward and pry the cork up slowly. Be careful not to pop the cork or pop it out too quickly to avoid spilling the wine.

  4. Serve the wine: once the cork has been removed, clean any cork residue from the mouth of the bottle with a cloth. Pour the wine into the goblets, trying to avoid dripping it onto the bottle or clothing.

Remember to always handle wine bottles with care and not to exert too much force when opening the cork to avoid spilling the wine or breaking the cork.

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