What is the ancestral method in the production of wine

Ancestral wine is a type of wine produced according to ancient traditional methods, which can date back several hundred years. These production methods are often linked to organic viticulture and spontaneous fermentation, using natural yeasts present in the environment and without the addition of cultured yeasts or other additives. Ancestral wine is generally considered to be a small-scale, artisanal product, and is often associated with specific winegrowing regions, such as Alsace in France or Catalonia in Spain. Because the production methods are ancient and often non-standardized, the ancestral wine can have a unique and different flavor from more conventionally produced wines. Furthermore, ancestral wine often has a lower alcohol content than conventional wines and can be produced more sustainably, as it does not require the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers. However, because ancestral winemaking is more labor-intensive and time-consuming than conventional winemaking, it can also be more expensive.
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