Corporate gift ideas? Spopp carefree gift voucher

Corporate gifts ? Often they have become a commitment, you have to select them, choose them and find a solution to make most of the people who will receive it happy.
It has become a real job within the company, so which gift to choose?
Giving wine is one of the most popular solutions among gifts.
To avoid spending days selecting labels, we at #Spopp have decided to introduce the gift voucher: it is customizable in graphics, amount and type of support, it can be digital or printed on paper.
It allows the recipient to freely choose the gift, for the company it is totally deductible both for taxable income and for VAT.

The advantage of the digital version is maximum for those who have customers at great distances, staff in Smart working or in branch offices, who will choose and receive their Christmas gift autonomously

Contact us directly to find out how it works and what are the tax advantages of the #Spopp voucher
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