Which wine to choose for an aperitif?

The choice of wine for an aperitif depends mainly on one's personal tastes and on the food one intends to accompany with the wine. However, there are some wine options that go well with most appetizers.

If you want a light, crisp white wine , Pinot Gris is a popular and versatile choice. It's a fresh, light wine that pairs well with savory snacks like chips, olives, and light cheeses.

If you prefer a sparkling wine, you can opt for Spumante or Prosecco. They are both dry, light, sparkling wines that pair well with seafood, cold cuts, and cheeses.

For those who like red wines , Lambrusco is a good choice for an aperitif. This light, sparkling wine is very popular in Italy and goes well with meat-based appetizers.

In general, it is important to choose a wine that is not too heavy or intense, so as not to cover the taste of the aperitifs. Additionally, you may consider offering different wine options to accommodate the different tastes of your guests.

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