What are the characteristics of complex wines?

Complex wines are characterized by a combination of several characteristics which make them intriguing, interesting and full of nuances. Some of the main characteristics of complex wines include:

  1. Multi-layered aromas: Complex wines offer a variety of aromas that develop and reveal themselves as the wine is observed and smelled. They can have a wide range of notes, such as ripe fruit, dried fruit, spices, flowers, herbs, minerals and wood.

  2. Balanced structure: Complex wines show a well-balanced structure between the key elements of the wine, such as acidity, tannins, alcohol and body. This balance contributes to a sensation of fullness and harmony on the palate.

  3. Long persistence: Complex wines have a prolonged aromatic and flavor persistence. After having swallowed the wine, the aromas and flavors remain in the mouth for a prolonged period of time, gradually evolving and developing.

  4. Layers of Flavor: Complex wines offer a range of flavors that progressively develop during tasting. They can feature a combination of primary flavors (fruit, herbs, spices), secondary flavors (wood, toast, vanilla) and tertiary flavors (developed during aging, such as leather, tobacco, mushroom notes).

  5. Evolution over time: Complex wines tend to develop and improve with ageing. Over the years, they can acquire further levels of complexity, integrate aromas and flavours, and develop unique characteristics that are typical of their terroir and grape variety.

  6. Tannic structure: Complex wines can have a well-defined tannic structure. Tannins contribute to the structure and sensation of astringency in the wine, but in a complex wine they are harmoniously integrated with the other components, such as acidity and fruit, without being overly harsh or harsh.

In general, complex wines are appreciated by wine connoisseurs for their depth, their ability to arouse emotions and their ability to offer a rich and satisfying sensorial experience.

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