Are wines given to the Befana as gifts?

The tradition of giving wine to the Befana is not as common as for other holidays such as Christmas. However, traditions may vary between regions and families. In some places, it may be a festive practice to give wine as a gift, while in others it may not be common.

The Befana is a figure of Italian folklore associated with the Epiphany (January 6). Legend has it that the Befana is an old lady who flies on a broomstick on the night of the Epiphany, bringing gifts to good children and coal to bad ones. Traditionally, gifts include sweets, candies and small toys.

If you want to give wine to the Befana, you could do it as a personal and creative gesture. For example, you could include a bottle of wine in a basket with other holiday items. Always remember to consider the recipient and their personal preferences when choosing the gift.

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