Easy drinking wines, what does it mean?

The term "easy-drinking wines" refers to wines that are pleasant to drink and flow easily in the mouth. These wines are generally light, fresh and have an accessible flavor profile that does not require a great deal of winemaking experience to appreciate. Some common characteristics of easy-drinking wines include:

  1. Lightness: These wines tend to be light in body, meaning they are not overly heavy or structured in the mouth. This makes them ideal for daily consumption and to be enjoyed alone or combined with light foods.

  2. Balanced acidity: The acids in wine contribute to its freshness and liveliness. In easy-drinking wines, the acidity is often well-balanced, making them pleasant to drink and suitable for a variety of occasions.

  3. Fruitiness: Many people appreciate wines with a fruity flavor profile. Easy-drinking wines tend to have fresh or ripe fruit aromas and flavors, making them pleasant and inviting.

  4. Low astringency: The sensation of astringency, caused mainly by tannins, can be unpleasant for some people. In easy-drinking wines, astringency is often very low or almost absent, making the wine soft and flowing.

  5. Low alcohol content: These wines often have moderate alcohol content, making them lighter and less "hot" in the mouth. They are therefore ideal for moderate consumption and for hot days.

Easy-drinking wines are popular for their refreshing character and ease of consumption. They are often chosen for informal events, such as picnics, aperitifs and light dinners. However, it is important to note that the term "easy drinking wines" can be subjective, as what is easy to drink for one person may not be easy for another. Personal preferences play a significant role in choosing wines, so it is always advisable to explore and discover the wines that best suit your taste.

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