Wine with a stelvin screw cap or a cork cap? Which one to choose?

Choosing a wine with a screw cap or cork?

This is the dilemma of anyone who is buying a bottle of Italian wine

First of all, a clarification to eliminate clichés about the screw cap : this type of closure of the bottle has had a remarkable evolution in the last few decades, in fact the screw cap, called stelvin cap , gives notable advantages and is not demonize.

The main benefit of the stelvin cap is that it does not alter the organoleptic qualities of the wine , it does not alter the characteristics, consequently it keeps them as they were when it was bottled.

It is practical, once the bottle is opened, it can be easily closed to allow it to be consumed over several days.

The stelvin cap is recommended for wines that do not need to age , therefore young wines no more than two years old.

The cork stopper is instead indicated for all wines that need to age over the long term because it allows micro-oxygenation and guarantees the maturation of the wine.

It is inevitable that opening a bottle with a cork stopper is iconic and elegant, a gesture similar to opening a gift.

Which one is better?

It is not the correct question, it depends on the type of wine bottled.

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