Participate in the #Spopp challenge and get a €10 gift voucher for yourself with no minimum limits

Have fun uncorking a bottle and share the moment on your favorite social network, you can choose between Instagram , Facebook , Tiktok , Youtube , the bottle doesn't have to be ours, the important thing is that you publish and find a fun way to Spopp!

Tag us or send the post link to our form
We will have to check, if the post meets the requirements*, you will receive a €10 voucher with no minimum spending limits to buy on the website

You will receive the voucher directly or by email if you have filled out the form.

Do you have questions or want more information? we answer you on whatsapp

Don't want to participate in the Spopp challenge ? don't worry, we'll still give you a €10 voucher on a minimum order of €60: enter the code 10euro in the cart, shipping for this promo is always free.

Challenge active until November 30, 2023

* Requirements to receive and use the voucher :

  • be of age;
  • Publish the video and tag Spopp in one of the social networks: Instagram , Facebook , Tiktok , Youtube ;
  • for the creation of the post, carry out actions and use language that is not harmful to oneself and to other people of any race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and any other gender identity;
  • create a video that does not explicitly and/or implicitly encourage dangerous, outrageous, criminal and/or self-harming activities;
  • create a video in which you do not drink alcoholic beverages and in which you are not intoxicated.